The PhD has been structured as an innovative course within the PhD programmes in social sciences and humanities precisely to build up a residential community of PhD fellows.
The PhD in Reggio Childhood Studies, which can be accessed with all the Master’s Degrees or equivalent qualifications acquired abroad, is a highly interdisciplinary PhD course that is purposely open to different areas of knowledge:

  • space and environment as elements that contribute to structuring learning processes;
  • play and learning in the digital and artificial intelligence age;
  • the development of 21 st century skills through formal and informal education processes using critically technological and non-technological tools;
  • participation in and access for everyone to the cultural heritage and products of the culture creative industries;
  • research and definition of innovative prototypes to train researchers and workers in the R&D area;
  • meaning making process, hermeneutics, and pedagogical documentation;
  • sociology and anthropology;
  • cognitive and emotional group processes and paths to build an educational community;
  • the development of group ties, starting with the most relevant contexts of socialization, education and training;
  • the theory and practice of uniqueness and differences in cultural, religious and linguistic pluralism;
  • aesthetic dimensions, the educational potential of verbal and visual metaphors, and material cultures as an element of learning;
  • research on food as a tool and structure of community making.