Reggio Childhood Studies – From early childhood to lifelong learning

PhD course of the Department of Education and Human Sciences and Fondazione Reggio Children – Centro Loris Malaguzzi

Course description

4 November 2019, Kick off of the PhD course in Reggio Childhood Studies 35th cycle

With this international industrial PhD, the Department of Education and Human Sciences of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and Fondazione Reggio Children-Centro Loris Malaguzziaim to offer an opportunity that is enhanced by high quality research international partners. It is developed within the “industrial” framework of the Foundation so as to build a research library that elaborates the experience and faces the new challenges of education.

The approach and contents, practice and policies, figures and intuition, challenges and developments of what revolves around the educational philosophy related to early childhood developed in Reggio Emilia are a heritage of great international relevance. The international PhD in Reggio Childhood Studies is also proposed as an innovation in the framework of PhD courses because it builds up a residential community where all participants share spaces and working hours in the industrial context chosen as container and content of the programme.

Job and professional opportunities

The PhD fellows in Reggio Childhood Studies will be able to be a leading figure in the design, organization and pedagogical coordination of childcare services. They will also be able to work as pedagogical advisors in the public and private sector; they will be able to work as advisors and trainers in management, guidance, support and control bodies created by the Public Administration and the private sector, and they will be able to work as scholars, trainers and evaluators in pedagogical and psycho-pedagogical research centres and projects.

They will be able to find professional opportunities within public and private, national and international bodies, which promote in various ways the approach to education of the city of Reggio Emilia, both in the early childhood educational services and other schools.

Further professional opportunities can be found in academic research and in the new interdisciplinary paths of encounter between education and other areas of knowledge that lead to applied research and development.


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